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Waiting for the release of the lockdown – Italian films

The Italian film season came to a sudden end in early March 2020. As the world’s first country, public life in Italy came to a complete standstill due to the corona crisis. The cinemas have been closed and films have not been released since. Production is also completely stopped.

For example, films by Nanni Moretti, Cristina Comencini and Carlo Verdone are collecting dust. Francesco Bruni’s film should also have been released. The title is very topical: ‘Andrà tutto bene’ (‘Everything will be alright’: the hashtag of hope used in Italy during the crisis).

Also the distribution of the last James Bond film, which is partly set in Matera (Italy), has been postponed to the fall of 2020.

I made a couple of lists of this season’s films (summer 2019 to february 2020). Pick your favorite Italian film as you wait for the release of the lockdown.

As a member of the film committee of Rome’s Foreign Press Club, that organizes the annual and prestigious Globo d’oro film awards, I have an good overview of Italian productions.

I. Italian quality film on NETFLIX

Netflix only has a few interesting movies in its portfolio. For the best films, we even have to go back two years:

The picciridda at departure (mymovies.it)

II. Italian INDIE QUALITY films in 2020

‘Gli anni piu belli’ of the Trevi Fountain (yepper.it)

III. Italian MAINSTREAM QUALITY films in 2020

Benigni is lying to Pinocchio…

IV. Italian movies with HIGHEST BOX OFFICE 2020


Featured Photo: The Two Popes








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