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Who will be the next pope?

Who will be the next pope?
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Who will be the next pope?

If you were to talk about who will be the next pope in the Vatican (but the question is ‘not done’), they ‘d say that it is in the hands of the Holy Spirit.

I cannot consult ‘him’.

But I do have some ideas. First: there is little point in dropping names. Second: we need to know what kind of pope is needed (at the moment of the pope election in conclave), how the present pontificate can be described and what challenges the Roman Catholic Church faces.

Years ago I wrote a book about it. But the issues that were relevant then are still relevant today. The point is whether the Pope’s candidate fits in with these themes:

The latter two topics have been priorities since the 1960s, and have been strongly embraced by Pope Francis. It is obvious that a next pope would be on good terms with Islam. Cardinal Turkson from Ghana, for example, would have a good chance because he comes from a mixed faith family among other things.

An Asian and an African Cardinale in the Vatican

But what if there is a current in the Vatican (and there is such a current) that thinks that there has been enough rapprochement? Or what happens in case of a huge clash between the world religions? Then you’d need another candidate.

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Age and origin

Other factors that are important:

That brings us to a list of names. I will only touch on them briefly. More information can also be found here.


Feel free to react if you have other ideas about who will be the next pope.


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