Puccini “Tosca” Tour

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This winding walk through Rome’s center will transport you into the dramatic opera “Tosca”.

Giacomo Puccini’s masterpiece is set in Rome. The tour will take you behind the curtain to see all the places featured in the opera that tells the story of the opera star Tosca and her lover, the revolutionary painter Mario Cavaradossi.

At each location, you listen with headphones to musical excerpts from the opera. The dramatic romance comes to life in its real-life setting. This tour hits a high note for music and opera lovers. But it’s also popular among romantics or those who enjoy a riveting, historical tale. Our Puccini Tosca tour in Rome transports you to Rome in the year 1800.

This private tour is available on request.

What’s included

• Official Rome guide
• Earpieces provided for listening to musical excerpts
• Facts about “Tosca”, opera in general and the historical context
• In English
• Private tour

  • 2.5 hour private, guided tour of Rome
  • By foot
  • Official Rome guide
  • See the sights featured in “Tosca”. During the winter, the tour coincides with the sunset
  • Hear the music, the history and stories about the sights of this romantic opera
  • Experience Rome in a different way

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