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ItalyStart: my site on everything about Italy   From now on I will publish my custom articles on a special site of the publishing group Bright...

Who will be the next pope?

Also read the article that delves deeper into the lives of the main candidates for the papacy Who will be the next pope? If you were...


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Tom Cruise is back in Rome

Tom Cruise is back in Rome Tom Cruise is back in Rome as Ethan Hunt for his latest Mission Impossible, a film that is scheduled...

Bond’s Tour of Italy

BOND'S TOUR OF ITALY Italy is a favorite of 007. Although only eight of the twenty-five James Bond films have been set in Italy, more...

Trias familia (the white mill Italian family)

Trias familia Nothing is like the Italian family. You know them, don't you? That's one of those families where 'mummy' is the centre of attention....

Over the hump

OVER THE HUMP Others read fiction books, we read the Italian newspaper. It offers inspiration and suspense. I read today about a bus driver from...

Wine & Dine in Rome

Taste Rome’s delicious food and fresh ingredients as you win a culinary contest against your colleagues or friends, all while experiencing the top attractions...


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