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This site’s goal is to inform you about Italy with our original content.

We cover current affairs (news, reports, backgrounds) in a journalistic way. We write about Italy’s typical lifestyle (design, fashion, cuisine, norms and values). We focus on Italian movies because film is the best way to see culture in the spotlight.

We love Italy, but we don’t mess around with it. A bit of tongue in cheek and criticism can’t hurt.

This is not a blog. This is not a platform that tells you unbiased and enthusiastic stories about this place and that restaurant that you absolutely must visit.

We also offer content for people who are planning to visit Italy, and especially Rome. We, therefore, point you to some tours based on well-known films set in Rome. As mentioned, film offers the best insight into a foreign culture. Companies that are looking for original activities for a business trip are also in the right place.

www.ewoutkieckens.com is written by, you guessed it, Ewout Kieckens. He is a writer and correspondent in Italy. He has eight books to his name. He also has extensive media experience in TV and print media.

Other journalists also contribute to this site. See the name under each individual article. We introduce here a regular contributor.

All texts, photos and videos are made by and property of ewoutkieckens.com unless stated otherwise.

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