Wine & Dine in Rome

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Taste Rome’s delicious food and fresh ingredients as you win a culinary contest against your colleagues or friends, all while experiencing the top attractions and hidden gems of Rome. This is a unique food theme team building experience.

Driving a golf cart, team participants are given assignments as correspondents for the Only Planet Travel Guide. On this event, participants will visit locales known for their food and drinks, and have to bring proof of their culinary adventures to the final meeting.

In addition, they also check out a few famous monuments and complete other challenges. Teams are evaluated on originality and the missions completed.

Each team drives a golf cart and is armed with a tour book and the other tools necessary to accomplish their mission. After four hours, each team will present their clues to the jury. The winners will be announced at a luncheon or dinner event to follow.

The Rome Wine & Dine Team Building Experience has irresistible, universal appeal. Coworkers and groups of friends alike are sure to enjoy this unique tour.

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Rome Wine & Dine Team Building

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