Rome Wine & Dine Team Building

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Taste Rome’s delicious food ingredients by winning the food contest against your colleagues or friends, and experience in the meantime top attractions and the hidden gems of Rome. Transportation by electrical golf carts.

Team participants on a golfcart have been assigned to be the correspondent of the Lonely Travel Guide. Excerpt from the booklet for the participants:

“You will write the next edition of the Lonely Planet Guide on Rome. You have to keep tasting sessions in an authentic coffee shop, ice cream parlor, pizza restaurant and wine bar to test the quality. You also have to check famous monuments (Coliseum, Trevi, Piazza Navona, St Peter’s Square). But the editor of Lonely Planet also asked another teams of tasters to write the guide. He can only award the best team as the winner, who is then trusted to write the entire guide, and be able to further gorge the finest Italian food and drink.”

On this tour participants will visit 4 well-known food and drink outlets, and have to bring proof of their visits. They should also visit (from the outside) famous monuments and execute assigments. We evaluate the team on originality and how they carry out the assignments.

Each team drives a golf cart and is armed with a tour book and other tools necessary to fulfill their mission. After four hours, or earlier, each team presents their clues to a mysterious man who will judge them. Later at a luncheon or dinner event, the winners will be announced.

The challenge of the Rome wine & dine team building event has an irresistible and universal appeal. Companies and groups of friends enjoy this unique tour.

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What’s included

• Transportation by golf cart
• Tour guide booklet, and other tools
• supervision and staff
• Award presentation

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