‘Roman Holiday’ Scooter Tour

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Do as the Romans do and zoom around the city on a scooter. See the highlights and hidden gems of Rome just as Audrey Hepburn did in “Roman Holiday.“

To truly experience Italy, you need to take a “Roman Holiday.” Yes, just like the Academy Award-winning movie in which Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn cruise on a Vespa through the Eternal City. Rome is called the Eternal City because it doesn’t change. A few millennia ago, the same monuments and temples decorated this city. Emperors dashed around them aboard their chariots. Today, Romans gaze proudly at their city’s architectural wonders while rushing past them aboard gas-powered chariots – scooters.

You can do as the Romans do. Drive through the city on a scooter in this guided scooter tour Rome. No need to rely on maps; your personal guide will lead you so you can focus on soaking up the scenery and being truly Roman.

Roll through gorgeous squares and down cobblestone streets. Scoot around cars and toot your horn at pedestrians. Your sweet ride will keep you from breaking a sweat as you climb Rome’s seven hills. At the top, hop off to check out the breathtaking views. Take a pausa, or a break, to snap photos, sip an Italian espresso or lick a cool gelato cone. This is living the life of a Roman.


• 3.5 hour private, guided scooter tour Rome
• Drive yourself a 125cc scooter.
• English
• Pick-up from your accommodation in the city center (by scooter or taxi)


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