James Bond Spectre Tour

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Follow in the tracks of James Bond in the film “Spectre” during his nighttime car chase in Rome. From the comfort of a sleek black van, you’ll zip around the city, during this Spectre Tour in Rome, experiencing the historical center’s narrow, winding streets and seeing key spots from the film. “Shaken not stirred” Martini included.

In “Spectre,” James Bond drives his Aston Martin at a terrifying speed through the narrow, ancient streets of Rome. He’s being hunted down by SPECTRE, the sinister criminal organization, and its mysterious CEO Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz). The Eternal City is the setting for about 20 film scenes. Step onto the open-air set and relive many of these key moments. Take on the role of “Bond… James Bond” (Daniel Craig) or femme fatale Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci). Follow in their footsteps – or should we say skid marks.

We’d love to put you behind the wheel of an Aston Martin but that’s a little out of our budget. Instead, you’ll slide into a discreet, luxurious and comfortable alternative: a sleek black minivan. And since no one besides Bond should tackle Roman traffic, you’ll have a driver. This will allow you to soak up all the 007 sites and fully enjoy the tour. We’ll take you behind the scenes, revealing in some cases how the real Rome differs from the movie-magic version.

During this evening tour, experience the energy, excitement and spectacular beauty of the Italian capital after dark. And maybe even a Bond-worthy adrenaline rush. You will be 007 or a Bond girl until the bitter end when we’ll toast our evening adventures with a “shaken not stirred” martini, a genuine Italian cocktail.

This James Bond “Spectre” tour led by a stellar guide has all the elements of the luxurious world of James Bond.

What’s included

– Private tour: 1, 2 up to 6 people of your booking
– Transport by minivan
– Guide
– One glass of cocktail Martini (‘Shaken not stirred’) in a fancy café
– In English, German, Italian or Dutch


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