Best Italian TV series 2020

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If you cannot come to Italy, Italy will come to you. Pick your favorite Italian TV series as you wait for the release of the lockdown.

The best 5 Italian TV series of the season, and a dozen runner-ups:


  1. ZeroZero Zero

From the makers of Gomorra, the TV series over the Neapolitan mafia. Again, the story is based on work by famous investigative writer Roberto Saviano. The violence shows the triangular relationship between sellers (Mexico), brokers (USA) and buyers (Italy) (Sky Atlantic, Prime). Trailer.

2. 1994

The series is about the year in which Silvio Berlusconi came to power politically. Star actor Stefano Accorsi rushes back and forth between Rome and Milan, between politics and business (Sky Atlantic). Trailer.

3. Diavoli (Devils)

A spectacular Italian (co-)production starring Alessandro Borghi, the Italian actor of the moment. There is Patrick Dempsey too. The devils from the title are the financial guys (Sky Atlantic). Trailer.

4. L’Amica Geniale 2 (My Brilliant Friend)

The film adaptation of part two of Italy’s greatest literary success of the century. The actors are good, the story is strong of course, but the studio decor, the Naples of the 50s/60s, cannot charm (RaiPlay, HBO). Trailer.

5. Summertime

The title says it all: a series for the summer starring sea, beach and puppy love. It is doubtful whether this year will be real summertime, given the corona restrictions (Netflix). Trailer.



  • The new pope (Sky Atlantic, HBO)
  • Romulus (Sky, HBO – May 2020)
  • Petra (Sky)
  • Il processo (Netflix)
  • Luna Nera (Netflix)
  • Baby 2 (Netflix – Baby 3 later in 2020)
  • La guerra è finita (RaiPlay)
  • Vivi e lascia vivere (Rai Uno – April 23, 2020)
  • L’amore strappato (Mediaset)



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