10 Things To Do in Rome in the Rain

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  1. Get lost in a museum 

There are so many amazing museums in Rome, and the perfect time to go to one is when it is storming outside. I would recommend the Capitoline Museums for beautiful ancient Roman art and views, and the MAXXI museum for modern art lovers.

  1. Explore Rinascente Department Store

Rinascente is a luxurious department store with a food court and a rooftop bar! You can even see and touch the impressive remains of one of the ancient aqueducts in Rome, all while drinking an espresso. I can get lost for hours here; it is the perfect escape from rainy Rome.

  1. Go to the Cinema

There are many English movie theaters in Rome, and I find visiting the cinema is a great way to feel integrated into the place you’re visiting. So why not venture to the Trastevere area and see a film?

  1. Visit an Underground Site 

A perfect day to visit underground Rome is on a rainy day. I would recommend going underneath the San Clemente Church or to the Capuchin Crypt for some spooky skeletons.

  1. Hideaway at The Vatican 

The Vatican will be popular on a rainy day, but it is a fantastic option nonetheless. Head to St. Peter’s Basilica and to the Vatican museums and awe over the wonders of Vatican City.

  1. Spend hours in a Caffe 

One of my favorite things to do on a rainy day is to escape to a cafe and order a cappuccino and pastry. Just remember- no cappuccini after noon! I love Pimm’s Cafe in the Trastevere and Antico Caffe Greco by the Spanish Steps.

  1. Visit Bookstores 

Okay, full disclosure, I am a major book nerd. However, it’s hard not to love Roman bookstores. It is lovely to peruse books and even read a chapter or two at The Almost Corner Bookshop in the Trastevere and Otherwise Bookshop near Piazza Navona.

  1. Go to an Enoteca 

Sometimes you just need a good glass of wine and conversation with the friendly Italian bartender when it’s pouring outside. I would recommend going to an enoteca if it’s raining in the evening, and you can find a good one almost anywhere. Rimessa Roscioli is a cozy spot with many different wines and even wine-tasting dinners.

  1. Visit the Pantheon 

The Pantheon is special in the rain because the water goes through the Oculus (the hole in the middle of the ceiling of the Church). It is quite a sight to see the rain pouring inside the Pantheon, so rush to the Pantheon at your first glimpse of raindrops. You won’t want to miss it.

10. Explore an Indoor Market 

Markets are busy and bustling and a true staple of Italian culture- and indoor ones are perfect when the weather is rotten. I love the Monti Market on the weekends for clothes and other goods and the Mercato Trionfale, for fresh food and a lot of locals buying their groceries.

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