Baby could be your newest obsession

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I was met with a friendly “ciao” and a nice conversation when I recently met actor Lorenzo Zurzolo, who plays Niccolò on the Netflix original, “Baby”.
I was exploring the MAXXI museum in Rome (a modern art museum that is a definite departure from the usual ancient Roman offerings) when I noticed someone who looked an awful lot like Niccolò from “Baby”.
Turns out it was him, and when I shyly asked for a picture, he grinned and seemed pleased. Zurzolo definitely cared and didn’t act like he was better than everyone else. 
Baby could be your newest obsession
Lorenzo Zurzolo with the writer (Ph. S. Lackey)

Before living in Rome, I binge-watched the show, which is based on the scandalous and complicated lives of Italian’s elite teenagers.” 

I was pulled in when one of my roommates last year burst into the kitchen exclaiming, “OMG, Sarah, you have to watch Baby. I watched the first season in two days… it’s so good.”

Baby is a popular Italian Netflix show originally filmed in Italian but it is also offered in English.

Chiara and Ludovica, Ph. Netflix

Now, what made Baby so captivating for me to watch? First, the scenery. Watching the characters hang out in areas that I frequent is thrilling. The show is filmed in the Parioli area of the city, and you often see the characters going on emotional drives through the hills of Rome, and looking out at Rome from hilltop views.

Baby is also loosely based on a real-life scandal that came out in 2014 about two underage girls in the wealthy area of Parioli who were prostituting to buy the higher luxuries of life, such as designer clothes and better cell phone plans. 

New Episodes

Baby shows two of the main characters, Chiara and Ludovica, being lured into the seductive and dangerous world of prostitution in Rome, and all of the consequences that come with breaking the law, dealing with criminals, and dating as teenagers. 

I found that watching the second season of Baby while living in Rome was fun because I was more familiar with life in Rome, such as the infamous public transport in Rome and even the generalized attitude towards gay people in the city. 

The new season of Baby is out now and actors and actresses Benedetta Porcaroli (Chiara), Alice Pagani (Ludovida), Brando Pacitto (Fabio), and Riccardo Mandolini (Damiano) are back and with more drama than ever.

Utilize the rainy weather in Rome and binge the six new episodes of Baby while it’s still hot. 

Check out the trailer for Season 2.


Sarah Lackey


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