Favino and Germano in the race for Italian Golden Globes 

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Favino and Germano in the race for Italian Golden Globes 


The film committee of the Italian Golden Globes (Globo d’Oro) has announced the nominations in 11 categories of best Italian film of the season 2019-2020. Strong contender is the film ‘Hidden away’ (Volevo nascondermi) of director Giorgio Diritti, that got seven nominations. Also competing are Pierfrancesco Favino, Elio Germano, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Matteo Garrone, Paolo Sorrentino and the D’Innocenzo brothers.

Sandra Milo receives the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Three other prizes have already been announced. The prize for the best debut gets Paolo Licata for ‘Picciridda’. The jury has decided to award the prize for the best young actor in her first role (so called ‘Young Promise Award’) to Virginia Apicella in ‘Nevia’. The known costume designer Carlo Poggioli won the special Grand Prix Award of the Foreign Press Club.

The annual prize of the Foreign Press Club for the best Italian film will be presented on July 15.

More information on the awards and the films that participate this year you’ll find on the brand new website of the Globo doro, as the prize is called in Italian. There is also an English section on this site.


Best Film


Volevo nascondermi (‘Hidden away’)



Best Director

Giorgio Diritti, Volevo nascondermi

Matteo Garrone, Pinocchio

Damiano e Fabio D’Innocenzo, Favolacce


Best Actress

Paola Lavini, Volevo nascondermi

Marta Castiglia, Picciridda

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Aspromonte, la terra degli ultimi


Best Actor

Elio Germano, Volevo nascondermi

Luca Marinelli, Martin Eden

Pierfrancesco Favino, Hammamet


Best Director of Photography

Volevo nascondermi, Matteo Cocco

Pinocchio, Nicolaj Bruel

Aspromonte, la terra degli ultimi, Stefano Falivene


Best Film Music

Marco Biscarini, Volevo nascondermi

Pericle Odierna, Picciridda

Nicola Piovani, Aspromonte, la terra degli ultimi


Best Screenplay

Volevo Nascondermi, Giorgio Diritti, Tania Pedroni, Fredo Valla

Favolacce, Damiano e Fabio D’Innocenzo

Picciridda, Paolo Licata e Catena Fiorello


Best Comedy

Tolo Tolo, Checco Zalone

Odio l’estate, Massimo Venier

7 ore per farti innamorare, Giampaolo Morelli


Best TV-series


L’amica geniale 2

The new Pope


Best Documentary

La passione di Anna Magnani, Enrico Cerasuolo

Vulnerabile bellezza, Manuele Mandolesi

La Mafia non è più quella di una volta, Franco Maresco


Best Short movie

Gli occhi dell’altro, Rosario Errico

Delitto naturale, Valentina Bertuzzi

L’amore oltre il tempo, Emanuele Pellecchia


Lifetime Achievement Award

Sandra Milo


Best Debut Film

Picciridda, Paolo Licata


Best First Performance

Virginia Apicella, Nevia


Grand Prix of the Foreign Press Club

Carlo Poggioli, costumista




Hier finden Sie kurze Informationen zu den italienischen Golden Globes in Deutsch.

Italian director Roberto Benigni (L) and his wife Nicoletta Braschi pose for a picture before the ‘Globi d’Oro’ (Golden Globe) film awards ceremony in Rome, Italy, 09 June 2016. The prizes are awarded each year by the Rome Foreign Press Association. ANSA/ANGELO CARCONI

The Globo D’Oro film prize was established in 1959 by the Foreign Press Club in Rome and is being held for the 60th time this year (2020). The prizes are awarded to the best Italian productions of the saison.

Over the years, important actors and directors have attended, such as Federico Fellini, Sophia Loren and Roberto Benigni. Several foreign film stars among which Franco Nero have also given credit to the Globo d’Oro.

The award is considered one of the most important film awards in Italy.

The annual awards ceremony in early summer is traditionally an important event in Rome’s cultural life. The choice of location often has to do with the background of the members of the Foreign Press Club, such as at residences, embassies or cultural institutions, like the French Villa Medici and the German Palazzo Massimo.

The last award ceremony (2019) took place in the appealing location of Villa Wolkonsky, the residence of the British ambassador in Italy.


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